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Staff Detail

Sr.No Name DESG DOB DOJ Trained
Qualification Image
1. Mrs. Shail Tiwari Principal 15/07/1978 19/06/2020 Trained Confirmed M.A, M.Ed Girl in a jacket
2. Mr. Alok Kumar Singh PGT 10/11/1985 01/04/2013 Trained Confirmed M.Sc, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
3. Mr. Raja Bhupendra Singh PGT 08/07/1987 01/04/2013 Trained Confirmed M.Sc, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
4. Girl in a jacket
5. Mr. Ankit Kumar Srivastava PGT 07/09/1990 04/07/2017 Trained Confirmed MCA Girl in a jacket
6. Mr. Ram Nihal Yadav PGT 05/05/1978 01/12/2014 Trained Confirmed M.A, B.P.Ed Girl in a jacket
7. Girl in a jacket
8. Girl in a jacket
9. Mr. Manoj Kumar Yadav PGT 30/06185 05/05/2017 Trained Confirmed M.A, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
10. Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Dubey PGT 15/03/1970 01/01/2017 Trained Confirmed M.Sc, D.EL.Ed Girl in a jacket
12. Mr. Rajesh Tiwari PGT 24/05/1984 01/01/2017 Trained Confirmed M.Sc, D.El.Ed Girl in a jacket
13. Mr. Ganesh Kumar PGT 14/07/1988 26/11/2017 Trained Confirmed M.Com, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
14.. Mr. Shahid Irfan PGT 08/12/1984 02/12/2020 Trained Confirmed M.Com, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
15. Girl in a jacket
16. Mr. Kishan Kumar PGT 05/04/1989 14/09/2019 Trained Confirmed B.A,M.Mus Girl in a jacket
17. Mrs. Nisha Singh TGT 18/06/1978 24/07/2012 Trained Confirmed M.Sc, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
18. Mr. Pravin Singh TGT 20/08/1988 14/04/2015 Trained Confirmed M.Sc, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
19. Mrs. Mahima Jaiswal TGT 05/05/1982 20/06/2016 Trained Confirmed Shastri, B.Ed ##
20. Mrs. Sarita Gupta TGT 10/04/1990 01/07/2017 Trained Confirmed M.A, B.Ed ##
21. Mrs. Alpana Srivastava TGT 13/05/1982 04/04/2015 Trained Confirmed Bambay Art, D.El.Ed ##
22. Mr.Devesh Chandra Tripathi TGT 12/11/1988 25/06/2019 Trained Confirmed M.A , B.Ed ##
23. Mrs. Savita Singh TGT 12/07/1969 02/04/2014 Trained Confirmed M.A, B.Ed ##
24. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey TGT 03/03/1988 05/09/2015 Trained Confirmed B.A, D.El.Ed ##
25. Girl in a jacket
26. Girl in a jacket
27. Girl in a jacket
28. Mrs. Anshu Rai PRT 19/09/1988 06/07/2015 Trained Confirmed M.A, B.Ed Girl in a jacket
29. Mr. Prem Chand Srivastava PRT 12/09/1972 16/07/2014 Trained Confirmed B.A, D.El.Ed Girl in a jacket
30. Mr. Vishwas Tripathi PRT 05/05/1993 15/07/2014 Trained Confirmed B.Sc, D.El.Ed Girl in a jacket
31. Mrs. Vinita Upadhyay PRT 01/10/1970 22/07/2014 Trained Confirmed B.Com, B.Ed ##
33. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh PRT 05/01/1968 18/09/2015 Trained Confirmed B.Sc, D.El.Ed Girl in a jacket
35. Mrs. Babita Kumari PRT 01/02/1967 02/04/2016 Untrained Confirmed B.A ##
36. Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh PRT 08/04/1980 05/04/2019 Untrained Confirmed M.A Girl in a jacket
37. Girl in a jacket
38. Mr. Ankit Kumar Singh Lib 10/07/1989 01/04/2015 Untrained Confirmed M.A, B.Lib Girl in a jacket

Chairman's Message


First of all I wish to share my immense pleasure with you all for the little plant that was shown few years back has started growing up,spreading its green leaves and young shoots.It has also started blooming and blossomming. In due course of time, it will show its youthfull vigour and characteristic. I am sure soon it will be a haven for thousands of birds. I bestow all the credit to you all. Had you not been concerned, it would have been withered at the root and there remained a sad dirge a dying dirge. Hats off!.

Now what needs is to prune and trim, give it a space to grow with a continuous watch of a wise,diligent and expert gardener. Once again I bestow this word on you. You all are my guide,menter and philosopher. Without your commendable comments my dream will never come true.
The school is growing, so we are. We are growing old and you all are growing young. We are growing to depart and you are growing to take part and participate."Old order changeth yielding place to new" join us, come to us, be one of us so that we all can see the small plant of yesteryears laden with rich fruit knowledge, sanskar and achievements. School is yours.Tomorrow is yours. Let it be yours only. Let it be "one remains" many change and pass."
Dr. N.P Dwivedi