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"An institute devoted to bring a better tommorow"



     However, a new light, a new sun is rising from the eastern horizan that beckons for a novel beginning. Though "VIDYA SANSKAR PUBLIC SCHOOL" now nascent, it promises to inculcate a knowledge that will produce an august personality mirroring the high and might India of yesterday, today and tomorrow to come "VIDYA SANSKAR" as the name suggests is pledged to impart and infers VIDYA along with SANSKAR, out platonic on which the huge awe inspiring, prodigious Indian culture stands claiming the greatest esteem from the world.

     We have tried and have been continuously trying to renovate, refurbish and restructure our ideas into concrete. Black board teaching along with smart class teaching has also been started and we have seven class rooms equipped with the electronic gadgetry for easy, better and recorded teaching along with feed back of the students. For security the entire structure of the school - inside as well as outside is under the strict vigilance of close circuit T.V.

      A huge conference hass equipped with projector has also been constructed. This is a golden feather in the cap of the school. Since long there was a need of such a hall where from all the students can be addressed. For immediate necessity all the students can be gathered in a ziff. Along with sanskar we are adamant to instil morality among the students for which we run moral education classes regularly.<\p>

Chairman's Message


First of all I wish to share my immense pleasure with you all for the little plant that was shown few years back has started growing up,spreading its green leaves and young shoots.It has also started blooming and blossomming. In due course of time, it will show its youthfull vigour and characteristic. I am sure soon it will be a haven for thousands of birds. I bestow all the credit to you all. Had you not been concerned, it would have been withered at the root and there remained a sad dirge a dying dirge. Hats off!.

Now what needs is to prune and trim, give it a space to grow with a continuous watch of a wise,diligent and expert gardener. Once again I bestow this word on you. You all are my guide,menter and philosopher. Without your commendable comments my dream will never come true.
The school is growing, so we are. We are growing old and you all are growing young. We are growing to depart and you are growing to take part and participate."Old order changeth yielding place to new" join us, come to us, be one of us so that we all can see the small plant of yesteryears laden with rich fruit knowledge, sanskar and achievements. School is yours.Tomorrow is yours. Let it be yours only. Let it be "one remains" many change and pass."
Dr. N.P Dwivedi