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1. For classes I & II promotion is to be decided as per existing system of eight cycle assessment.

2. For classes III to VIII studnets scoring "E" Grade may be given one chance to improve their performace.

3. For promotion in Class IX a student has to pass separately in internal assessment and external exam / assessment by securing at least 330/o marks separately. If a student fails in two subjects, he/she will be placed in compartment provided he/she qualifies in internal assessment of all the subjects.

4. The examination for class XI would be conducted in theory as well as in practical/project depending upon the nature of the subjects and the marks allotted shall be as prescribed in the curriculam.

5. The qualiflzing marks in each subject of external examination shall be 33%. Howerver, in a subject involving practical / project worh a candidate must obtain 330/o marks in the theory and 33olo marks in the practical / project separately in addition to 33o/o marks in aggregate, in order to qualify in that subject.

6. In order to be decalred as having passed the Class XI Examination, a candidate shall obtain 33%o in all the subjects (without additional subects). The pass marks in each subject of examination shall be 33o/o.ln case of subject involving practical/project work a candidate must obtain 330/o marks in theory and 330/o in practical/project separately in addition to 33o/o marks in aggregate in order to qualifli in that subject.

7. A candidate failing in one of the five subjects of examination at Class XI shall be placed in Compartment in that subject provided he/she qualifies in all the subjects of internal assessment (As per CBSE Examination).

8. A candidate has to appear mandatorily in session ending examination to be eligible to be considered for promotion to Class XII.

9. The student has to appear in all the examination to be declared pass / promoted. No re-exam shall be conducted except on genuine grounds including medical.

Chairman's Message


First of all I wish to share my immense pleasure with you all for the little plant that was shown few years back has started growing up,spreading its green leaves and young shoots.It has also started blooming and blossomming. In due course of time, it will show its youthfull vigour and characteristic. I am sure soon it will be a haven for thousands of birds. I bestow all the credit to you all. Had you not been concerned, it would have been withered at the root and there remained a sad dirge a dying dirge. Hats off!.

Now what needs is to prune and trim, give it a space to grow with a continuous watch of a wise,diligent and expert gardener. Once again I bestow this word on you. You all are my guide,menter and philosopher. Without your commendable comments my dream will never come true.
The school is growing, so we are. We are growing old and you all are growing young. We are growing to depart and you are growing to take part and participate."Old order changeth yielding place to new" join us, come to us, be one of us so that we all can see the small plant of yesteryears laden with rich fruit knowledge, sanskar and achievements. School is yours.Tomorrow is yours. Let it be yours only. Let it be "one remains" many change and pass."
Dr. N.P Dwivedi