Aff.No.2131979                    Pt. Shreedev Dwivedi Memorial Trust,2012              School No. 71117             VIDYA SANSKAR PUBLIC SCHOOL
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi 10+2

An institution devoted to bring a better tomorrow

Recent Update


Chairman's Message

     First of all I wish to share my immense pleasure with you all for the little plant that was shown few years back has started growing up,spreading its green leaves and young shoots.It has also started blooming and blossomming. In due course time it will show its youthfull vigour and characteristic. I am sure soom it will be a haven for thousands of birds. I bestow all the credit to you all. Had you not been concerned, it would have been withered at the root and there remained a sad dirge a dying dirge. Hats off!.

Now what needs is to prune and trim, give it a space to grow with a continuous watch of a wise,diligent and expert gardener. Once again I bestow this word on you. You all are my guide,menter and philosopher. Without your commendable comments my dream will never come true.

Withdrawal of Admission

1. Every application for a schol leaving certificate shall be requested in writing by the Parent or Gaurdian on the prescribed form.

2. A school leaving certificate will not be issued untill all the dues of the school are cleared. Those who leave in April will pay the fees for May and June as well.

3. A fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate and this will be issued only three days after the receipt of an application.

4. The issue of T.C. implies that all dues to and from the school are completely cleared.

5. Student can be asked to leave the school on the following ground:

   a) Disciplinary

   b) Unsatisfactory progress in work